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January 2017 Breath Illumination

In this first Sacred Breath Illumination of the new year, we are invited to reset our energy matrix by accessing our original life purpose and agreements.

In this guided meditation, we travel back to the primordial beginnings of life in our body, aligning our consciousness and energy body with the most basic energies of the universe.

We revisit our life's purpose and the agreements we made coming in to this life, and we take the opportunity to review and remake them in the light of our accumulated life experience.

The DNA of countless generations is delivered to us through the interwoven ribbons of lineage we receive from our mothers and fathers. All of this information and influence is available to us when we become still and listen deeply.
This is part of the original information we receive at conception.

We breathe to expand our light bodies, anchoring our awareness in the grounding, nurturing energy of Mother Earth, the essence of the Divine Feminine, and the expansive illuminating energy of the sun, and the Divine Father.

Engaging the paradigms of time that structure our lives, we shift our perception and viewpoint to enter the timeless state where we heal the past, present, and future through our love, prayer, and intention.

Utilizing the power of breath in union with the transformative power of intention, as well as conscious, informed choices, we reenter the stream of life in this new year aligned with the primal creative energy of the universe

We find support for our practice of gratitude and forgiveness in opening the layers of our being to the healing power of the most primal energies of the universe.
Sunday January 15, 2017  @ 6:30
Bring  a mat to lie on and pillows or eye shade for comfort.
Eat lightly, and avoid alcohol before and after session.

Sunday, January 15, 2017 &  Friday, January 27 @ 6:30

Bring  a mat to lie on and pillows or eye shade for comfort.
Eat lightly, and avoid alcohol before and after session.
Snacks and tea provided afterwards.

First time $15
after that $25 cash, $30 credit

Please RSVP - 619-203-7152
[email protected]

NOTE: We are in our 5th year of Sacred Breath Illuminations, and they have evolved from basic energizing breathwork sessions into these shamanic hypnotherapy/meditations. Each session serves for individual and group healing, but they also build on the previous sessions.  I encourage you to commit to at least three monthly breath sessions in a row, to experience the transformative and supportive power of this series in your life.
Thank you to all who attend, in the past, the present and the future!


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