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History of Healing Arts & Healing Modalities

    For centuries, in China as well as in the west, midwives and herbalists were in charge of health care for women, children and babies. Health and beauty were synonymous, because those who have learned to read the signs of the body recognize that the radiance of beauty emanates from a finely tuned, harmoniously balanced being.

    'Mind-body' medicine is not new. Whether in the far east, the Americas, Africa, the Pacific or Europe, all cultures developed healing modalities based on systems of correspondence in order to diagnose and treat diseases. These systems developed following the cycles of nature and utilizing rituals as well as the medicines of nature, and for the most part were successful in healing people by eliminating the evil 'spirits' and re-establishing the patient's harmonious relationship to the clan, the Creator, or the environment. Rituals strongly aligned the patient's spirit and will, while herbal and manual therapies released blockages and cleansed and rejuvenated the body. Through ritual, the community offered the patient the opportunity to release subconscious blocks to wholeness, and often he received either a deep sober realignment or an ecstatic vision of wholeness, as the body was stimulated egstrac to heal.         Herbal medicines or fasts were designed to purify and detoxify the body, in order for it to prepare to receive the pure energy of regeneration. Tonics were administered along with a simple diet in order to strengthen the body and the spirit until the patient was ready to return back to his place in society.

    In modern society, individuals are more often than not alienated from nature and the environment. Many relationships are superficial, so people feel supported by very few close friends or family members. Many people are doubtful that there is a Creator, and have misplaced faith in the medical system, unquestioningly believing that it is designed with their ultimate well-being in mind. (This, sadly is not so. Insurance companies are for-profit companies, designed to provide minimal health care in order to retain profit for share-holders.  Drug companies are huge multi-national corporations whose stated purpose is to get every single person on drugs of one sort or another.)
    Current health care solutions provide drugs to mask symptoms or surgeries to replace or repair trashed organs or tissues. Drugs cause side-effects, which are further treated with drugs. Because the cause of disease was not addressed, affected organs further degenerate and more and stronger drugs are required because no one knows what else to do except take more drugs. The process from onset of drug therapy to degeneration leading to desperation can take 10 to 20 years.  By then, many people think that 'normal' aging has set in and don't even believe that there is anything to do about it.

    This however, is not true. At any point in time while you are still alive, you can turn your life around.  Human bodies as well as spirits have inherent within an incredible resilience. The urge to live, which we seldom examine, is present within every cell of our body. Some call this the body's inherent ability to heal itself. It is no less than the magic of creation and is accessible by every single one of us.  It is simple, it is beautiful, it is sacred. Western biological, physical and psychological sciences have all come full circle and verify the principles upon which ancient Chinese medicine and so-called 'primitive' medicines are based. This ancient wisdom has a place in our times in reconnecting us to the source within us in order to heal ourselves, our communities, our planet.


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