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Detox Class outline

There are 5 Saturday classes, and alternate weekday classes. TBA

 Class 1

Saturday February 4

The first week is the preparation phase. It takes 21 days, minimum, to establish a new habit, and we will dedicate this week to choosing and preparing healthy foods as we prepare for the detox.  We will gather our resources and review our commitment to living the best life with the opportunities we’ve been given.

In this class we will

1. Preview the notebook, familiarizing ourselves with the articles, meal plans and recipes.

2. Learn about symptoms of toxicity, organs involved in detoxification and elimination, emotional and mental detoxification and homeopathy.

3. Set goals, such as committing to eating the healthiest foods and being responsible for completing the program, learning about self-care.

4. Make a list of possible sabotaging scenarios and role-play successful resolutions

5. Investigate meditation, breath and other techniques to support detoxification, elimination and wellness.
6. Mindful eating.

Class 2

Saturday, February 11

The second week is the beginning of actual detoxification.

1. We will review our previous week

2.Topics in notebook include beverages, beautiful foods, deep cleansing and relaxation

3. We will learn about the lymphatic system and how it works

4. Explore supplemental detoxification practices

5. Learn about the critical importance of good sleep and factors which effect sleep

6. What to expect during the cleanse and how to support the process

7. Possible detoxification symptoms and supportive therapies to support detoxification and elimination process

Class 3

Saturday, February 18

Now we begin the deep cleanse.

1. We will review our progress and plan the next week

2. Importance of water

3.  What you need to know about conventionally vs organically grown foods and food additives

4. The Truth about fats!

5. Review what we have learned and how to put it into practice

6. Our body as a sacred vessel; space, time, mindful eating feng shui: a beautiful table

Class 4

Saturday,  February 25
Continuing the deep cleanse.

1. Free radicals and antioxidants

2. Elements of healthy digestion

3. Why we avoid putting toxic non-foods into our bodies

4. The damaging effects of modern ‘healthcare’: what is beneficial, what to avoid

5. Completing the cleanse and beginning reintroduction

Class 5 

Saturday, March 12

Final and follow-up class. We will have finished the detox program and begun to add in new foods every 4 days.

1. We will take a detox questionnaire and note our results

2. Answering questions, determining where to go next

3. Review sources of toxic disturbance in our lives, and discuss our strategies for maintaining an environment to thrive in for ourselves and our families

4. Closing, completion, and looking ahead


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