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Shamanic Healing

    When shamanic healing is called for:
  •   Any condition that is recurring or resistant to change.
  •   Cause seems to be unknown
  •   Mental or emotional association with physical symptoms

  • Shamanism is an ancient practice and a way of looking at the invisible world. It is an archaic religion which is still practiced in many cultures throughout the world. It has recently been discovered by westerners who find in Shamanism a context and language with which to understand and engage with things unseen and often unexplained.

    The Shaman has developed 'second sight', and is trained in the language of ritual in order to converse with animistic and energetic beings that cross between the worlds. In the Shaman's worldview, all beings have a place and a purpose.

    A Shaman is trained in techniques with which she interacts with this world of energy, helping to maintain balance between the forces of nature: of life and of death.

    A Shaman celebrates the cycles of life through art, music and ritual and has taken a vow before their teachers, community and the medicine people of their lineage to live impeccably in order to bring balance and harmony to the world.

      The practices of a Shaman include:
  •   reading and balancing the energy field of a client to remove blocks and 'erase' affinities which cause suffering
  •   reading life paths of probability and possibility
  •   removing blockages of dense, crystallized energies which keep one stuck in pain
  •   releasing intrusive entities and helping them on their way
  •   Soul Retrieval -- seeking and retrieving parts of oneself that have split off during trauma
  •   performing death rites when called upon
  • Claire Didion, L.Ac. has studied various shamanic traditions with healers from around the world, including Nepal, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii and both North and South America. She has trained in esoteric traditions and wholistic healing practices for 30 years. She is board certified both nationally and in the states of New York and California to practice acupuncture, qi gong and plant medicine. She has trained in Inca medicine traditions in Peru and the United States and is certified by the Light Body School under Alberto Villoldo. Ph.D.

    To learn more about Shamanism or to make an appointment, please call:

    Claire Didion, L.Ac.

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