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Sacred Breath Illumination: The Heart of Healing

Sacred Breath Illumination:
The Heart of Healing

Friday, September 21, 2018, @7:30 pm

We continue our breath series revisiting 'The Heart of Healing.'  Taoists say our consciousness, or Shen, resides in the heart.  Dysfunctions occur in our bodies as our spirit, through the channels and systems, seeks to protect this home of our consciousness.

Expanding on our session from last month, we become more aware of how we relate to the world from our hearts, healing and realigning the spirit in its four chambers.
This session is based on shamanic self-healing practices. In it we turn our attention to the sources of our essential support, encircling our hearts in the luminosity of love. We consider how we engage with the world, our living mandala.
What supports us in developing our wisdom and identity as healers, luminous warriors, and peace-keepers? Who and what do we support?
We examine how we feed our relationship circles, just as our circles of support feed us.
The facets of our multidimensional nature link into our bodies through the portal of the heart.  Reinforcing the interrelationship of our spirits' heart chambers, we breathe life into these relationship circles. 

Sacred Breath Illuminations: 
Friday, September 21, 2018, @7:30 pm

Sliding Scale: $35-50
First time: $25

Our session will be at Aimee Freeman's new healing space:
StillSpace in Mission Valley
Please note the location:
2535 Camino del Rio South #100

Claire Didion, L.Ac.
RSVP:  619-203-7152,
[email protected]

Saturday, October 21,2018

Join me for an in-depth one day workshop:
Entering the Circle, Healing the Heart
Healing the Heart breath illumination session was originally designed as the conclusion to this workshop.  In it we meditatively explore our circles of support and ceque lines, the energetic lines that connect our energy body to the world around us.  We learn to work with crystals and/or stones to facilitate clearing and strengthening these lines.
We will take time to create individual sand mandalas which reflect our internal heart and invisible relationships. 
The workshop includes working together and individually to give voice and vision to the reality we dream into being.
We conclude with a breath illumination session in which we breathe life into our mandalas.

For more detailed information and to RSVP:
Claire Didion, L.Ac.

RSVP:  619-203-7152,
[email protected]

According to Jose Luis Herrara, we who seek to produce positive change in the world must ”embody luminous transformation at the energetic level of our being” in order to be masters of change.


Doubt, fear, anger – what the Buddhists call afflictive emotions - block our sense of connectedness and faith in the goodwill of Creator and Creation.  When we feel disconnected, we begin to panic and seek healing (wholeness) outside of ourselves.
Religious and spiritual traditions acknowledge the healing power of unconditional love. Shamanic traditions recognize that this love is the actual power of creation, the matrix which supports as well as the substance that binds the natural world:
from trees, birds and flowers, to stars, planets, and galaxies.

To become agents of positive change, we require renewal and empowerment. Over time, we learn to release our attention from distractions, to hone our skills and to root our essence in supportive social, natural and spiritual relationships in order to fulfill our potential as human beings.
These sessions are designed to support us on this path.
visit us at.
For more information and to RSVP:
Claire Didion, L.Ac.

RSVP:  619-203-7152,
[email protected]


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