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Sitka Spruce Pollen

Sitka Spruce Pollen

Indications—power struggles between men and women; reluctance to express or exercise one’s power for fear of hurting someone; inequality in relationships with others; lack of humility in one’s relationship to the Earth; imbalance between the masculine and feminine expressions of power within an individual.

Healing Qualities—This powerful pollen essence, which could be termed a ‘grandfather’ essence, is a catalyst that supports right action in the present moment through a correct relationship with one’s personal power.

Sitka Spruce Pollen is helpful for those who are reluctant to open up and let their power be present. It is for those who fear that their power will in some way harm others if they allow it to come forth into full expression.

This essence facilitates the blending of power and gentleness in an individual, whether they are male or female. As a tree, Sitka Spruce has a strong male presence, and this essence, which is made from pollen grains generated by the male reproductive structure of the tree, carries a very potent quality of yang energy. At the same time, Sitka Spruce emanates a very comforting and consoling vibration–the energetic projection of a great being who is extremely wise and powerful, and very comfortable with that wisdom and power.

Sitka Spruce Pollen clears and expands our energy channels so that we can accept a stronger flow of energy within the body. It also encourages us to balance our personal ego so that we can surrender more fully to the truth of our destiny. But most importantly, Sitka Spruce Pollen helps us embody ancient archetypes of mastery in which the masculine and feminine aspects of power are perfectly joined together.


Abuse, Balance, Balancing, Ego, Father, Feminine, Higher Self, Masculine, Mastery, Power, Responsibility, Strength, Unity, Wisdom


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