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Adjunctive to Cancer treatment

    When diagnosed with cancer, many people are shocked and horrified. Some become paralyzed with fear and passive as if they have received a death sentence. Chinese medicine regards cancer as a chronic disease which must be managed as any other health condition, using diet and lifestyle modifications to support the system during the appropriately prescribed chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Because these treatments are often aggressive, healthy tissue as well as cancerous tissue is effected.

    Natural health care offer several goals to assist patients who are undergoing cancer treatment:

  • Support the 'righteous qi', the life force of the body so that therapies do not damage essential functions of the body. Therapies to support the righteous qi include acupuncture and specific nutritional supplements.
  • Assist in elimination of toxins: this could include various detoxification strategies. For example, after undergoing radiation, colonics might be considered as a therapy to help facilitate removal of dead radiated tissue from the colon.
  • Create a positive mental outlook: Meditation and breathing exercises relieve stress and ultimately secure the mind from worry. A meditative state often inspires insight into a deeper purpose in life, as well as reflection on values.
  • Relieve symptoms of side - effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Nausea, burning hands, foggy brain, headache, muscle tension, lack of appetite are all symptoms that I have seen relieved by acupuncture.
Don't wait to get treatment if you are diagnosed with cancer. Don't hesitate to take steps to improve your life either. Often people regard their diagnosis as a wake-up call to reevalute life-purpose. Some of these people are grateful for the opportunity to make changes before it is too late. 'I was sleep-walking through life...' someone told me after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and finally took charge of her health.


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