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Flower Essences

I became intrigued with flower essences just after graduating from acupuncture school. I had used Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, but when I read up on them, I did not really resonate with the descriptions of the individual flowers . A friend shared a book on Australian Bush essences which intrigued me.  But she did not have them available to try. As I began to search for them - this was before google search - I found Alaskan flower essences. I resonate strongly with this collection, and I eventually purchased the practitioner kits and later took training to learn more about how to use them. I found the flower essences easily guide me to their proper use, and the processes I had developed in using them corresponded with the originator, Steve Johnson's, teaching.

Though we don’t hear about them as much here in the United States, flower essences’ use is wide spread around the world.  Like homeopathy, they are used in clinics and hospitals in South America and UK for humans as well as animals.

Flower essences address the subtler factors of our psyche that contribute to chronic stress.  The address our relationship to God and our environment, our fears and attitudes, our connection to nature and all beings in creation.  In a nutshell, these flower essences help us fine tune our conscious evolution and facilitate healing process.

I use them in several ways:

1. I make individual elixirs for patients to use during meditation or to add to water  and sip throughout the day.

2. Monthly at the new moon I will gather an essence bouquet that resonates with my monthly intentions. I use it as often as I can throughout the month, as the energy transforms.

3. I divine a combination to accompany a ceremony or process involving several people.



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