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Chocolate Lily

Chocolate Lily

Fritillary camschatcensis

Chocolate Lily is one of the few members of the Lily family growing in Alaska. Its single stem rises 6 to 18 inches from a white cluster of edible bulbs which have been an important food source for native peoples for thousands of years.

This perennial has leaves that develop successively from year to year. Flower stems arise from leaf whorls and have 3 brown petals and 3 greenish brown sepals which appear as 6 petals to casual observation.

Chocolate Lily blooms from mid-June to mid-July in damp woodlands and meadows throughout Southeastern and South-central Alaska and the Aleutian Chain.

Indications—over-reactive to situations beyond our control; low endurance and fatigue from chronically over-extending ourselves past the point of tiredness.

Healing Qualities—reveals how everything in life is connected to our center; opens awareness of our center’s connection to the source of our vitality; helps us open to and hold our life experiences with more spaciousness and less reactivity.


Chocolate Lily helps us establish a deep and quiet inner perspective. It supports us in moving from agitation and worry to a more calm and centered present time awareness. It helps those who crave a variety of external stimuli to ground their focus back into the body so they can pay more attention to what is relevant and important to the task at hand. This essence can also be used to help the various aspects of self come together with a single focus and intention instead of having a multitude of voices clamoring for attention.

Chocolate Lily primarily addresses our patterns of avoidance and resistance. It is an important remedy for those who avoid looking at what is present within them in the moment, and for those who are not comfortable breaking the habit of being ‘out there’, because doing so feels restrictive or limiting. Its message is: if you pay attention to what you are avoiding it will lead you to what you want.

When we hit a wall of resistance and are unable to find a way through or around it, Chocolate Lily can help us shift our attention to a more grounded, relaxed and focused place. From this place of elevated energy and clarity we can more easily notice what our resistance is about and why we are using it as an excuse to not go deeper into our center.

This is a perfect essence for those who need to slow down the expansion of their higher chakras and concentrate on developing their connection with the earth. It will assist those who are always attracting more and more input and stimulation on these levels to stop, notice and interact with the sweetness and richness that is already here.


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