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Syringa vulgaris

Lilac is a very common ornamental plant in Alaska. It is prized for the sheer volume of beautiful and sweet smelling flowers it produces each summer. A member of the olive family, Lilac grows as a shrub or multi-stemmed small tree, reaching heights of 15 feet in the warmer parts of the state.

This plant produces secondary shoots or suckers from the base or roots, which in the course of decades may produce a small thicket. The bark is grey to grey-brown. The leaves are simple, light green, and oval in shape. The small purple flowers occur in heavy pyramid shaped clusters or panicles, from mid-June to mid-July.

Indications—weak vertical alignment affecting energy inflow and circulation; energies stuck in lower chakras; overconcern for our own stories and struggles.

Healing Qualities—aligns the chakras with each other so that they can more fully receive and embody healing energy from the Spiritual dimensions; helps us gracefully raise the frequency of our energy fields.

Lilac opens the crown chakra, and therefore the whole energy system, to an infusion of light from Source. It brings a strong over-lighting presence that is quite tangible and generous.

This essence reminds us that opening to Source is not work, it is joy, and through the act of opening, alignment occurs. We align with this light by opening in response to the vibration of love that is carried within it. This alignment is not so much mechanical, rather, it is a natural, automatic response: each chakra is saying, I want to open to this generous, loving energy.

Lilac offers an unconditional quality of healing energy that is available to us regardless of our stories, issues, or degrees of misalignment. It helps us understand that it doesn't matter what has happened to us, or even what our current attitude is, we can always open to the light from wherever we are. And it gently and sweetly reminds to keep making that choice.


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