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Gigha Quartz

Gigha Quartz

Back­ground Infor­ma­tion—This envi­ron­mental essence was pre­pared on the Isle of Gigha, off the western coast of Scot­land, during a Prac­ti­tioner Training Pro­gram in 2006. The essence was made on a quartz out­crop­ping that rises out of the ocean at the south­west edge of the island like a giant dragon. The out­crop­ping is vis­ible for 100 meters before it sinks beneath the ground. It then runs through the island and emerges at the north­west tip, where it is vis­ible along the beach for a short dis­tance before going back into the sea.

Healing Qual­i­ties—This quartz for­ma­tion embodies a very ancient and sacred energy that has the power to shift our grounding and align­ment in very pro­found ways. It is a crys­tal­liza­tion of light, energy, deep wisdom, and knowl­edge of the ancient secrets of the Earth. It embodies a com­plete mar­riage of the ele­ments and rep­re­sents the strong foun­da­tion places of the planet, and the essence made from it can take us to those places in ourselves.

The Gigha Quartz essence offers many levels of healing. Pri­marily, it is a grounding essence, encour­aging us to become more present in a soft and empow­ering way. As we become more grounded, the essence can help us build up our inner core strength and dis­ci­pline so that we can main­tain a deeper align­ment with the planet. This align­ment will then enable us to live our lives with a phys­ical and ener­getic pos­ture that is more upright, self-contained and authentic, and that leads to a greater expres­sion of our power and creativity.


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