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Claire Didion, L.Ac. ~ Holistic Health professionals

Causes of Illness

Stress and poor eating and exercise habits are now commonly recognized as major sources of and contributors to health problems. Your acupuncturist, with extensive background in nutrition and physiology, can help educate you about a more sensible, balanced life style.

Treatment Modalities

Through the use of acupuncture, herbs, massage, and dietary and exercise recommendations, the practitioner helps to rectify the situation so that the patient's own miraculous healing energy is freed up to balance itself. In modern medical terminology, this condition of balance is called "homeostasis" and is described as the system of checks and balances within the body that keeps everything functioning efficiently.

Acupuncture~ link to list of beneficial applications

Traditional Chinese Medicine views each patient as a complete entity and includes all mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person. The "systms" organization of the person recognizes the interrelationship of all the organs of the body; the spheres of influence of each organ "system" include physical, mental, and emotional characteristics, or "symptoms".

Through talking, observing, and touching the patient, the practitioner discerns the predominant areas of disharmony. These are identified as energy blocks, nutritional or energetic deficiencies, or accumulations of excess energies or substances. Needles are inserted in prescribed "points" in the body to balance the flow of energy, or "Qi".


Massage is one of the oldest therapies known to man. From infancy to adulthood, humans need to be touched to feel comfortable in the world. Research shows that among the many benefits of massage are a lasting sense of calmness and well-being, increased mental alertness, reduced fatigue, and improved sleep, flexibility, and athletic performance.


Plants are used medicinally in all cultures of the world. Oriental Herbology categorizes plants into three grades:

~ Superior, or food grade herbs that can be taken daily to achieve and maintain radiant health through enabling us to handle stress more easily;

~ the grade which are taken for lesser periods of time to bring the systems into balance, and

~ Inferior, or medicinal type herbs which are taken sparingly and in small quantities because of the extreme effects they produce.

Herbs are further identified by certain properties that correlate to the specific diagnostic system of TCM. In TCM, herbs are most oftne combined into formulas to interact and balance each other so that they are digested and utilized for the maximum benefit.

Inherent in the practice of the ethno-herbology is the belief that local plants are the most effective for treating illnesses and that the plants themselves have the ability to teach the healer how they are to be used. After determining the most appropriate methods for enhancing health, we choose herbs commonly used in traditional oriental, western or other ethnobotanical systems.


may include combinations of modalities, such as acupuncture, massage, theraputic exercises, stretches, hot packs, moxibustion or cupping.

Herbs may be prepared in various forms: as teas, tinctures, pills, essential oils, salves.

Only sterilized, single-use, disposable acupuncture needles are used.

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Claire Didion, L.Ac., Diplomate of Acupunture, , is licensed both by the state of California and the National Acupunture Committee. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego with a Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is a member of the National Sports Acupuncture Association and the National Acupuncture & Orintal Medicine Alliance.

As a primary health care practitioner, Claire recognizes her responsibility to be aware of the limitaitons of her practice and refers her patients to qualified doctors and therapists when appropriate.

Sacred Path Healing Center is dedicated to promoting health and harmony in individual's lives.

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