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How Fitness Can Aid You in Addiction Recovery

Being healthy is something that can bring positivity into our lives. When going through addiction recovery, it can be especially valuable. Exercising can have numerous benefits for both body and mind. It can aid mental health and be an effective tool in dealing with addiction and its consequences.

Addiction and Anger

This can be a difficult subject, but the correlation between addiction and anger is an issue that can have devastating consequences. Without being challenged, their co-occurrence can create a highly destructive cycle that may potentially harm others in addition to yourself and exacerbate mental health issues. A number of studies have indicated that alcohol and drug use can markedly increase anger and aggression. These studies also showed greater instances of violent episodes, including domestic incidents, involving both legal and illicit substances. Addiction and anger are complex, and while professional treatment is best to manage these issues, exercise can also help. Pursuing a healthier, fitter life can offer relief from both. Whether you run, bike, or go to the gym, exercising allows your body to produce chemicals that can beneficially alter your mood. Exercise can also be an effective tool in alleviating depression, which can be another factor in both addiction and anger. Additionally, it can act as an outlet and distraction to whatever problems you're experiencing. Physical activity can refocus your energy and be a useful management tool that may help you stay on track through recovery.

Written by: Constance Ray. She can be reached at: [email protected]


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