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Facts About Fats And Oils

There are four big reasons to reduce the intake of vegetable/seed oils:

Inherent in the oils:

· Too many Omega-6 fatty acids - these cause inflammation

· Too many poly-unsaturated fats - these depress the immune system

Industrial processing of these oils increases the problems:

· Rancidity due to chemicals in the processing - causes high amounts of free radicals

· Trans-fatty acids due to processing (intentionally made) - high toxicity

Traditional fats and oils are good for us. Peanut oil and sesame seed oil have unique heat-activated antioxidants that allow them to be safely used for high heat cooking.

Traditional Oils

While cold-processed or expeller-pressed oils (like olive oil) have not been damaged by heat extraction, they will become damaged if used for cooking. Olive oil does not have protection from heat and is a good cold-temperature-use oil (like for salad dressings).

Medium chain fatty acids are hard to store as fat and are preferred by the body for energy. Saturated fats are stable and will not go rancid easily, even if left unrefrigerated. They also are very low in the inflammatory Omega-6's.

Other Food Sources of Omega-3's

Modern livestock is fed huge amounts of soy and corn, leading to increased levels of the inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids in their tissues. Omega-3 fatty acids used to be found in the meat of cows that were pasture-fed - it's when cows started being fed corn that they lost the important anti-inflammatory Omega-3's.

Fatty fish, fish oils, krill, and calamari oils are good sources of Omega 3's, as long as the oils are well cleaned of pesticides and heavy metals. Nuts, avocados and flax oil (as long as you do not have high insulin levels) are also reasonably good sources.

The best and healthiest eggs are high Omega-3 eggs from chickens eating flax seed or who are pasture fed. These are NOT the cage-free eggs sold in stores, but the free-range eggs (also known as "pasture-raised" eggs and chickens), often sold at farmers markets. The cholesterol in eggs actually cannot turn into cholesterol in people, so eating eggs (which really ARE a perfect protein) is one of the healthiest foods one can ingest.


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