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Sitka Burnet

Sitka Burnet

Indications—feelings of internal discord from unknown origins; feeling bound and limited by one’s past; unable to locate the source of one’s difficulties in life; having to repeat learning experiences several times before understanding the lessons behind them.

Healing Qualities—The essence of Sitka Burnet addresses a type of internal conflict that is felt as a constant pulling from within; an internal discord from beyond the conscious mind and remembered experience. This essence plunges down into the depths, into the very core of such strife, and illuminates the issues responsible. It then works to bring the different strands of each issue up into the light to be healed and released.

Sitka Burnet works to activate the full potential for healing that lies within a given life lesson. When this essence is indicated in a consultation, it reveals that the individual is prepared to consider all the necessary aspects of a lesson from its beginning point, in this or another lifetime, right up to the present. The gift of this essence is that it helps us to see and understand all the information relevant to a particular lesson so that we can bring that learning experience to completion and release all the energies associated with it.

The Sitka Burnet essence is especially helpful when we encounter deep and intimidating levels of fear during our inner explorations. It teaches us that we are reacting, not so much to the issues involved or the details of the learning situation, but to all the energy that has been built up around it. The essence can be used to help us penetrate these layers of fear and confusion and contact the central or core issue that has been creating our discomfort. We will then be able to resolve the issue at its origin and bring the whole dynamic to its ultimate conclusion.


Ancestral Healing, Cleansing, Completion, Comprehension, Continuity, Death & Dying, Freedom, Illumination, Release, Remembrance, Understanding


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