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Chinese Medicne & Athletic Performance

    Chinese medicine has been used for centuries for every aspect of health care. The school of Wei Ke developed centuries ago along with the martial arts evolving sophisticated therapies designed to improve strength, endurance and stamina as well as to prevent injuries and speed recovery. Recently, as acupuncture has become more familiar to the west, we have begun to realize the wide range of possibilities for this versatile healing modality.

    In China, athletes train their entire lives in the careful hands of a team of trainers and therapists, a support team that includes a deeply involved acupuncturist and herbalist to insure that each athlete maintains his highest performance potential. This continuous care prevents injuries by addressing immediately any signal of distress in the body. Adaptogenic herbs are administered to promote endurance. Other herbs heal minor injuries, speed recovery and reduce inflammation. Immune enhancing herbs round out the menu, included to prevent the breakdown of a system put at risk by the constant demands of athletic performance. Therapy is not limited to herbs and techniques: a sound nutritious diet of simple whole foods is necessary as the base to keep each athlete in the game.

    As a dancer, I relied on Chinese medicine to improve my stamina, speed recovery, and to rapidly heal injuries that kept me off the stage and in the wings. I still utilize these therapies and specific nutritional strategies for myself and my patients. Whether they are elite athletes, overworked students, or stressed business owners, I use Chinese medicine to restore balance to the entire system.  I help each patient discover the best diet for their lifestyle, including herbs and nutritional supplements to achieve optimum performance mentally as well as physiologically in these stressful times.


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