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Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss

Indications—feelings of failure, of never getting it right; overly critical and judgmental of one’s healing journey; obsessing about the day-to-day details of one’s healing process; unable to see the positive side of transformational experiences.

Healing Qualities—This essence helps us turn inappropriate judgment and criticism into unconditional love and acceptance.

It is not a simple matter to consistently make clear judgments as to whether life is proceeding according to plan. There are times on each individual’s path when chaos, confusion, and even disease are essential parts of the journey. When our emotions reach a crisis level, perhaps there is an old pattern that needs to be released. When a person is involved in an accident, it could be a form of experience that the higher self has chosen to initiate a necessary healing process. In each of these instances, the challenge is to be able to clearly perceive, accept, and support the positive change or transformation that is occurring.

This is where our ability to see clearly is so important, and where judgment is most often given in the form of inappropriate criticism, either of ourselves or others. Through a lack of understanding, we will often misinterpret a positive transformational experience as a sign of failure. This habit can leave us filled with a sense of never being able to get it right.

If we truly wish to support the day-to-day evolution of our healing processes, we must learn to recognize our tendencies towards inappropriate criticism before they manifest. Sphagnum Moss helps us learn to open our hearts in that moment when the urge to judge or criticize first appears, and instead clothe the object of our judgment with unconditional love.

This essence encourages us to release the need to criticize or pass harsh judgment on the details of our life lessons. It helps us create a place within our hearts that is filled with love and acceptance, so that whenever a core issue or pattern is activated, it will be seen for what it truly is and given all the support it deserves.

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