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"Detoxication and elimination are not highly prioritized by our bodies when under stress."

I've spoken to many of you about diet, stress and toxicity, and you’ve heard me say this. It was a revelation to me when I first learned this concept, though when you think about it, it makes sense that we might need some assistance.

Most of us are exposed to ongoing, unrelenting stress year after year, as well as exposure to an increasingly toxic environment and less-than-optimal diet and lifestyle.

Even those of us who pay extra attention to our health cannot avoid the toxins that pollute our air, water and food, and the toxic build up in our systems over many years.

Under stress and exposure to toxins, our bodies are forced to prioritize energy-consuming functions such as detoxication and elimination to accommodate reduced energy production.

Detoxication and elimination require energy, yet are far down the list of priorities in a body whose energy production is outweighed by energy needs.

The result can be an array of symptoms including:

         * Headaches or migraines

         * Arthritis, muscle or joint pain

         * Any chronic problem

         * Hypertension

         * Dark circles under eyes

         * Gas and bloating

         * Bad breath and body odor

         * Fatigue, especially chronic fatigue

         * Brain fog

         * Sleep disturbance

You may have ‘silent’ toxicity if:

*  You have ever smoked or lived with a smoker

*  Consumed fast food or any refined foods on a regular basis

*  Used artificial sweeteners

*  Cooked with Teflon

*  Taking ANY drugs long term

* Regularly eat conventionally grown and GMO foods

*  Drink sodas

*  Drink alcohol regularly

*  Are overweight

This Detoxication program I am offering is comprehensive, including 5 weekly classes and a private Facebook group, a notebook containing recipes, meal plans, educational information, and DVD. It includes nutritional support products and homeopathic drainage remedies.  It is a gluten and dairy-free program with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Click here for class schedule and content

Over the years I have used a variety of detoxification programs and products. I have also used homeopathic drainage remedies, but never before have I used both together.

Detoxication can be difficult if drainage and elimination pathways are not clear. This program is designed to maximize detoxication and elimination as it illuminates other potential health triggers. 

Changing one’s life can be challenging, especially when it is food and nourishment.

We will have 5 weekly class meetings as well as a Facebook group for support.

CLICK HERE for Class outline

I will be participating in the detox as well as leading the classes. 

This close contact allows me to make specific modifications of the diet to accommodate each individual’s needs. (for example, some people require Paleo, SIBO, vegetarian, or FODMAPS diets. I will help modify the diet for those needs)

In the classes we will learn about:

  • The organs of detoxication and elimination
  • Environmental toxins
  • Cleaning up our homes
  • Water
  • How we can improve the quality of our lives and that of those around us
  • Massage and other practices to support transformation as we become healthy

The group environment provides support as we face habits, beliefs, social situations that stand in the way of our making these changes. We will learn mindful eating practices, meditation and techniques for successfully changing habits.

Your effort and the support everyone in the group make this a successful, life-transforming experience

*This is a safe, introductory detoxication but does not specifically address heavy metals, mold or infections.  Your response to the program will help determine if further detoxication is necessary.

Nowhere else will you find a program with this quality of information, products and results.



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